Avira Anti Virus Review – The Paid and Free Version

Avira a German Multinational recently launched its new anti-virus 2014, paid and free version. It has been providing internet security for computers, servers, smart-phones and networks since 1986.

The new free anti-virus is spectacular in more one than ways but it also has certain drawbacks to it. Still it is one of the best free anti-virus produced so far this year which outweighs the performance delivered by its rivals.

A superior antivirus should provide protect against malware attacks & protect your online identity & information without impacting your computer efficiency. Avira Anti-virus does it all & more for free.



No problem at all with the installation except the time involved. Even a novice can download it without any fuss. Simply Go to avira website and download the free version. Run the downloaded file, few more clicks and you are good to go.

After installed the mini-interface of avira anti-virus is available at bottom right of desktop toolbar. This anti-virus rarely forces you to update it to paid version.

Interface: A traditional interface where you can easily find everything you need on the main screen itself. Left-Hand Navigation includes the following tabs:

1).PC Protection:

This feature potentially protects your computer against viruses, adware, spyware, back-door programs & fraudulent software. With”System Scanner” you can set off the quick-scan or complete for local drive, Local Hard Disks, Removable drive and more. You can also manually choose any specific location and initiate the scan.

2).Internet Protection:

Web Protection & mail protection is grayed out and are available on paid version. Whereas in free version there is Firewall which basically not avira firewall, it simply checks whether the Window firewall is active or not.

3).Child Protection:

This tool protects your child’s social media presence. In order to make use of this facility, create an avira account and enter your child login information for facebook, twitter or googleplus. You can track all these accounts with this tool. This tool will let you know all account that are suspicious and contain information related to drugs, alcohol or any other profane online content.

4).Mobile Protection:

To avail mobile protection you gotta to have Avira Antivirus Security app and an avira account. The main software on your computer manages other devices and the best it available free of cost for android and iOS.


This section contains four tabs Quarantine, Scheduler, Reports, and Events.

Quarantine contains the programs which avira thinks to be as threat. Programs when transferred to this tab cannot damage the system and in case if you find the avira has wrongly detected some programs as malicious you can restore them easily.

Scheduler as the name says this tool helps you schedule your system scans to remove unwanted threats or malware.

All information regarding the previous scans, results and updates are available under the Report tab.

Fourth tab named “Events” records the movement of all your Avira Products.


1) Social network shield (Child protection)
2) Advanced heuristic tools
3) Works on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP and it supports Mac too.
4) Automatic updates
5) Excellent protection


1) Mail Protection and Web Protection not included in the free version.
2) No inbuilt Firewall
3) System performance degraded while scanning and booting.

In a nutshell, Avira antivirus provides excellent protection against malware and offers mobile protection for free with other extraordinary features. Even though web protection is not available on free version but a browser plugin can be downloaded from avira’s website or chrome web store to get protection against malware infected Web-pages.

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