Five Simple Tricks to make iTunes Faster for Windows

fast itunes for windowsiTunes for Windows start as an incredible desktop program for your music. If you’re running iTunes on a Windows, you may be disappointed with how slow it loads and performs as compared with a Mac. There is a huge difference in the running of iTunes on Windows and a Mac. Here are a few tips for getting better performance and make it less irritating on Windows. The tips are easy to follow and your iTunes experience on your Windows based system will be as good as it is on a Mac.

1. Faster iTunes Installation – iTunes don’t come installed in Windows. You have to download it manually and install. You can disable the option of adding music before you start the installation which will make installation of iTunes faster. This change means that you’ll need to transfer the music manually after installation.

2. Deactivate Unnecessary Services – Apple generally assumes that you have an iPod, iPhone, iPad or some other Apple product. So you will find many services that are set to open automatically. If you don’t have Apple devices then start by deactivating them.

a. Open iTunes, click edit button and then click preference.
b. Then go to the device tab.
c. You have to uncheck the option of permit iTunes control from remote speakers connected with Air-tunes and remote search iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If you don’t share your library with the PC in your network, go to sharing tab and deactivate the option share my library on my network.

3. Delete Smart Playlists – One of the simplest ways to make iTunes faster is to delete the default Smart Playlists. Once deleting them you should see an amazing difference in the startup time. You can create your personal playlists and it doesn’t slow down the performance as much as the Smart Playlists.

a. Open iTunes, right click on a smart playlist you would like to delete and choose remove.
b. You can repeat this process to delete other useless smart playlists.

4. Deactivate Genius – The Genius feature in iTunes helps you discover more music based on what you listen and compares your music taste with other people. If you crave to deactivate this feature, you can go to store menu and choose the disable Genius option.

5. Get Rid of Duplicate Files – A big music collection will slow down the speed of your iTunes. So, it is essential to remove duplicate files to reduce iTunes music collection to get faster iTunes. Here are the steps that you can follow –

a. Run iTunes and go to your library.
b. Click the File menu button and then click the option Display Duplicate
c. Duplicate items are displayed. Right click on the song you want to delete and click remove.
d. Once you are sure, click OK.

These are a few tricks you can make iTunes faster on Windows. Mainly our focus has been on the desktop version and your music library. Just disabling Smart Playlists will speed things up quite a bit.

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