Installing iTunes on Win-10 Made Simple with Easy to Follow Tips

iTunes is the best option available to arrange and enjoy music and movies you have already got and buy those you wish to get in future. It gives you a chance to even tune in to free, on-demand music stations that are altogether revamped by Apple Music specialists. Relish all the entertainment iTunes should supply on your mac, computer, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Here’s the quick and simple method for getting the most recent version of iTunes installed especially on Windows 10.

How to install iTunes for Windows 10

1. Open your favorite browser
2. Visit
3. Click the Download iTunes button in the upper right.
4. Choose if you want to opt in to the newsletter and alternatively give location information
5. Check the system requirements to ensure your PC is up to snuff, but chances are great that you can run iTunes fine.
6. Click the download button.
7. Once it completes, to launch the installer.
8. Select your download directory and give it a chance to finish the process.

Steps to create an Apple ID account and log in on Windows 10

1. Visit here
2. Click Create your Apple ID
3. Fill up the all required information and Click Continue when done.
4. Click Continue on the next screen, then Agree to the terms and conditions.
5. Fill in a billing address on the following display and alternatively give credit card payment information. Click Create Apple ID in the bottom-right.
6. Verify your e-mail for a confirmation message and click the link provided to finish the process.

Steps to import your media library into iTunes on Windows 10

1. Click File in the menu at the top of the iTunes window
2. Click Add Folder to Library
3. Check your PC system to where your music lives and select it making the addition.
Rinse and repeat for photographs, videos and any king of added folders you actually want checked.

Steps to subscribe Apple Music for Windows 10

1. Click the music symbol in the upper left of iTunes
2. Choose Start 3 Month Free Trial.
3. Choose either Individual or Family, depending on how many people you want using the service.
4. The following two displays will ask you to see your music tastes by way of genre and artists. This will get better the superiority of suggested music.
5. You’ll desire to disable automatic renewal of Apple Music to make sure you won’t be billed after the trial period ends. Click the Account profile icon in the upper-right of iTunes and click Account Info.
6. Look down to Settings on the following screen, click Manage beside Subscriptions.
7. Click edit then go to Apple Music Membership. On the next display under automatic renewal, click Off. A pop-up window will need you to verify turning off Automatic Renewal.
iTunes is intended to see for automatic updates anytime an upgraded version is obtainable. Upgraded versions sometimes have additional options of the applying. The new updates are aimed at improving the overall user experience. iTunes is a good application that even has the potential of keeping track of audio books.

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