Laptop Ban on Incoming US Flights from Middle Eastern Countries – US Officials

It’s reported that US officials are planning to add few other airports to its Ban List, which restricts passengers from carrying and bringing in laptops as Cabin Bags from few Middle Eastern Flights.

John Kelly, the Homeland Security Secretary said during a congressional hearing that, “We may take measures in the not too distant future to expand the number of airports”.

Laptop Ban - US and UKIt’s evident that US announced the Laptop Ban affecting almost ten airports around the world and all of these airports are in Muslim Dominated Countries. The affected airports includes – Cairo, Istanbul, Kuwait City, Doha(Qatar), Casablanca(Morocco), Amman(Jordan) Riyadh and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) and Dubai and Abu Dhabi in UAE. As per this ban passengers are advised not to travel with their laptops and any other electronic devices largest than their smartphones into a plane’s Cabin, instead they are asked to check them in with their baggage.

This Laptop Ban has come in the wake of Terrorist threats. As per US officials ISIS and other banned terrorist outfits are planning to develop and plant certain bombs that cannot be detected at Airport’s Security Check.

Moreover, after this announcement from US, the UK also announced the same ban and if news is to be believed Canada is also examining this action.

There is a lot of criticism for this Laptop Ban, but as per US officials they put ban on only those Airports where the security systems are still outdated. These old school security systems at such Airports can help Terrorists to plant laptop bombs, making them harder to detonate.

So, for now it’s an advice to passengers travelling from above mentioned airports to put their laptops along with check in baggage, to avoid extra hassles.

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